'DRE FEST 2019


Welshpool Rugby Club’s first 7’s Touch Tournament is happening on Saturday April 20th.

This will be a 7 a side tournament open to all and with a mixed ability stance so Captains are encouraged to build balanced teams.


  • Teams must have no more than FIVE 1st XV level Club Players

  • Teams must have a MINIMUM of 7 and a MAXIMUM number of 12 players per team

  • Teams must include a mix of male & female players

  • Teams must have be balanced to have at least 1 of each gender on the pitch at any one time,
    e.g. a starting team of 6 females must have 1 male player on the pitch at all times.

  • Minimum player age is 16 years

  • All players must pay their £5 entrance fee on the morning to be eligible to play


Pitch side by the main Pitch grandstand at MAES-Y-DRE.

12:00 - Kick Off for Pool Games
14:00 -14:45 - BREAK / LIVE MUSIC from BLACK MARKET
15:00 - Pool Games continue
16:45 - Plate Semi Finals
17:00 - Cup Semi Finals
17:30 - Plate Final
17:45 - Cup Final
18:15 - Cup Presentation at the Club House

18:30 - HOG ROAST


20:30 - RHYS EVANS ‘IBIZA Classics’ DJ SET



  • PLAYER PAYMENT - All players must have registered & have PAID prior to playing & be wearing their player wristbands.

  • FIELD OF PLAY – The playing area will be 60m by 40m, approximately half pitch, with flags on the try and half way line.

  • NUMBER OF PLAYERS – No more than 7 players on the playing area and the playing team must be mixed gender.
    The maximum number of players per team is 12.
    Rolling substitutions can be made at any time from the half way line on either side of the playing area.
    If a team is found to have more players, a penalty will be awarded to the non-offending team.

  • SENT OFF FOR FOUL PLAY – A player sent off for foul play will be out of the game for 2 minutes and must not be replaced or substituted.

  • CLOTHING – Suitable clothing, nothing that is sharp or abrasive. No jewellery such as rings or ear rings.

  • DURATION OF THE MATCH – The match will be 10 minutes, one way.
    The game will end when the ball next becomes dead.
    If a penalty is awarded then the referee will allow play to continue.

  • TOSS – The team starting will be decided by rock/paper/scissors.

  • STARTS & RESTARTS – The game will be started by a kick tap from the centre of the playing field.
    Once the kick tap has been taken, play will commence.
    Non-scoring team will restart after a try has been scored with a kick tap.

  • KICKING THE BALL - The ball must not be kicked at any point during the game.  PENALTY awarded.

  • ADVANTAGE – Advantage will be given for a knock on, throw forward or any foul play. If advantage can’t be taken, play will come back and be restarted with a kick tap to the non-offending team. Tackle count will be reset to 0.  PLAY TO THE WHISTLE.

  • SCORING – 1 point will be awarded for a try or penalty try. No conversions.  

  • FOUL PLAY – Anything against the spirit of touch rugby, including but not limited to; pushing, obstruction, unfair play, hand offs and misconduct.  PENALTY awarded.

  • OFFSIDE – In general play, a player in front of the ball carrier or person who last played the ball.

A player who does not retreat 5m after a tackle or 10m after a penalty has been awarded.

  • PENALTY – Awarded for foul play.  Opposing team must retreat back 10m. Tackle count reset and play restarts with a kick tap.

  • TACKLE – A tackle occurs when the ball carrier is touched with 2 hands on any part of the body below the shoulders.  Do not use excessive force when making a tackle.
    TOUCH must be called at the same time.
    Following a tackle a RUCK BALL will take place.  This must be done at the point of the tackle.
    A count of 6 tackles in each play of the ball.  The ball is turned over after tackle 6, play restarts with a RUCK BALL to the opposition.
    Opponents including tackler must retire 5m from the tackle, the referee will indicate this.

  • RUCK BALL – Placing the ball on the ground and stepping over or rolling back with the foot.
    The ball must be played within 3 seconds of the ruck ball by an acting scrum half.
    Opponents may only come forward after the acting scrum half has played the ball or after 3 seconds.

  • PLAYER TACKLED NEAR THE GOAL LINE – If a player is touched within 5m of the goal line, the attacking team must retire 5m to take the ruck ball.
    Acting SCRUM HALF cannot score a try from the ruck ball.

  • TOUCH & LINEOUT – The ball is in touch if the ball or ball carrier touches the touch line.
    Possession is turned over and play starts with a, kick tap 5m from the touch line, in line with point of touch.

Toby H